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How to Be an Earthling

This Week's Episode:

Squirrel (2/9/23)

It's FLAGNAR'S DAY! And Flip and Mozi are celebrating with some delicious floogenberry sauce! But, when Flip and Mozi make a crash landing in London, they meet a grey squirrel, who teaches them the value of preparation and going with the flow during the holiday season! Originally aired 12/15/22.

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Travelpod: Cats vs. Dogs (2/2/23)

In this special travelpod episode of Flip and Mozi’s Guide to How to be an Earthling, Flip and Mozi report on their findings about two of Earth’s cuddliest and cutest pets, Cats and Dogs! They interview a cat and a dog to get the 411 on these adorable 4 legged friends! Want to share your […]