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Game: Take a Brain Break

For those of you Wowzers getting the vaccine soon, we have a feeling it may involve some waiting. Waiting can be hard! So, we’ve rounded up our top five, fave waiting games of all times, guaranteed to keep you perfectly and pleasantly distracted while you wait. Pro-Tip: Keep these play-anywhere games in your virtual back pocket for anytime you need them!


Two Whats and a WOW!

Truly a Wow in the World Classic!!! You know the drill. Take turns (with whomever you're waiting with) making three statements. Two of which are true and one which is not. Try to guess which one is the lie.

Guess what's in my bag

List as many items as you can think of that might be inside your mom or dad or grandma or babysitter’s bag. Can they guess what’s in your backpack?

How many can you name?

Choose a category. You then give the person you are playing with 10 seconds to name as many things in that category as possible. Make your categories general (“animals”) for young kids, and more specific (“animals with no teeth”) for older kids.

Make me laugh!

Without touching the other person, make them laugh. Optional: make it a silent game.

Thumb war

Another classic. Who can resist the challenge of a thumb war???