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Conversation Starters: 1+2=3? Just Ask A BEE! – The Scientific Buzz On Bees & Math


In order to magnify his sense of sight Guy Raz likes to wear his handy dandy 5-D Sensory Hat. This week he wears it in hopes of examining all the different parts of a sunflower. What would you use a hat like this for? Think about what kinds of things you might want or need to examine up close and personally?


Fibonacci was made famous for finding patterns in nature hundreds of years ago. There are still so many patterns to be found all around us today. Look at your surroundings. What patterns can you find at home? At school? In the park?


Who’s hungry? If you were to make a big ole batch of Fibbonachos for Mindy and Guy Raz, what toppings would you put on them? Pickled peppers? Melted tofu cheese? Shredded kale?