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for Curious Kids & Their Grown-Ups

Grow Your Own WOW!

STEP ONE: Turn the box over and reinforce the bottom with one or two strips of duct tape (or a similar strong tape) applied across the seam where the flaps meet. Apply tape to any weak corners on the box as well.

STEP TWO: With a grownup, use a punch tool or large screwdriver to poke several holes, spaced about 4 inches apart, in the bottom of the box for drainage. You can also line the box with a plastic bag to keep the box dry and extend its life, just remember to also poke drainage holes through the bag and out the bottom of the box.

STEP THREE: Fill the box with lightweight potting soil to within 1 to 2 inches of the top. Tap the box to settle the soil. Then, plant your seeds!

STEP FOUR: Add some sunlight and some water for some WOW!