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Doodle Dennis Contest

This just in! We are extending our Doodle Dennis Contest until April 1st! We know each Wowzer imagines Dennis in their very own way! Is he tall? Is he short? Is he even human? Or maybe he’s a giant taco? We want to know what all our Wowzers think he looks like!

Here’s what your Wowzers need to do:
  1. Find a blank sheet of paper to act as your canvas.
  2. Draw whatever comes to mind when you think of Dennis. If you’re feeling stuck, put on an episode featuring Dennis, like G-Force Vs. Wasabi: How The Brain Registers Pain, to help the juices flow!
  3. Once your artwork is ready, fill out the entry form below.
  4. Scan your artwork or take a clear photo of it and upload the drawing as a JPEG or PNG file
  5. One lucky winner will get an autograph from Dennis himself!
  6. Winner will be announced on April Fools Day (and that’s no joke!)
  • Wowzer Information

  • Parent/Guardian Information

  • Your Dennis Doodle

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
    Upload your drawing as a PNG or JPEG file.