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for Curious Kids & Their Grown-Ups

2019 Gallery of Wow!

Screen-free and Slump-free Summer

Hey Wowzer Families,

Summer is finally here! Ahhh, the season for slowing down. For children, summertime means long days filled with playing, swimming, biking, camps, lemonade stands and for many, gulp, a whole lot of extra time on screens. Eeek! Never fear, we are here to help!  Podcasts, like Wow in the World, are a wonderful way to entertain kids without relying on screens.

Just like reading, listening transports children into stories, which gives their brains a much-needed summer workout. Research also shows that listening to dramatic or silly voices in a story makes people feel more invested and imaginative than if they had just read it on a page. Plus, listening together as a family might lead to some deep discussions and shared experiences. Can you say added bonus??? 

So wherever summer has you headed, road trip or rainy day fort, we invite you to bring the Wow! With three seasons of Wow in the World under our belt, we’ve got you covered. Head over to to revisit some of your favorite episodes or to discover some new favorites.

We’ve also got tons of wow-worthy activities and resources available online to W.O.W. members. Members will find lots of fun, easy to set-up extension activities including experiments, crafts, recipes, games and related book lists all designed to extend the learning beyond the listening. 

Last but not least, as a special gift to our entire Wowzer Family, we have unlocked a few of our favorite wow-tivities to keep the wow flowing this summer. Listen up to our featured episodes linked down below and then follow up with some of these great activities!


Happy Wowing,


Team Tinkercast


Tune in to Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together? and then make some DIY bird feeders. They’re the perfect pitstop for any birds whom might be swooping by this summer.

Craft: Upcycled Bird Feeders

Give Ladies and Germs a listen and then keep hands clean and happy all summer long by mixing up a batch of our soft and squishy soap dough.

Craft: Squishy Soap Dough for Happy Clean Hands

Ear Ye! Ear Ye!: Listen up and then make some sweet, sweet music of your own with our DIY water xylophone sound science experiment.

Experiment: Sound Science Water Xylophone

Join Mindy and Guy for an underwater adventure in Oh My Bleach! Save Our Reef! Maybe you’re headed to the beach too? This simple experiment helps wowzers understand the difference between saltwater and freshwater.

The Great Saltwater Observation

Pop on the Invasion of the Sea Pickles episode and then pop some of our delicious homemade pickles into your mouth. They come together in a snap!

Recipe: Wow-Worthy Fridge Pickles